Soul Vegetarian

Restaurant website redesign

Problem: users and restaurant staff groaned that the website was hard to access, maintain, and traverse.  How could we accomplish an update and ensure the users' and stakeholders' needs were met?

Idea: Determine the areas for improvement and refresh the site!  One big challenge here was the quantity of roles to fill.  I needed to manage the project, manage the client, be the photographer, web developer, logo designer, and UX designer!


To start, I held stakeholder interviews with the client team (restaurant manager, social media specialist, and (former) web developer) to understand the business needs, desires, and challenges.

To help the team understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current site, I compiled a competitive analysis.  My goal was to have a review of "great" examples and openly discuss aesthetics, content, and architecture.

Coming out of the research phase we had identified our goals for the refresh:

  • large hero shot design with left hand side navigation
  • new logo design
  • slim down content to the necessities
  • redesign the layout of the food menu(s) 


In parallel with sketching out page designs, I was given the opportunity to conceive logo ideas in Adobe Illustrator.  My approach to logo ideas included taking some recurring words, items that tended to resurface in my conversations with the stakeholders, and creating mind maps from them.

With a provisional user persona and user stories complete, a high level site map was completed.  We had simplified the site's content by eliminating sections such as

  • book ads/links
  • delivery service links (never used)
  • random, unrelated links page
  • an antiquated press page
  • accepted credit cards

I started to create wireframes in Sketch based upon the architecture described in the site map.  Here are a few home page wires (mobile).


The final product was built with HTML5/CSS3/JS.  A fully responsive design capturing all of the design brief's objectives was achieved!

Desktop view

Desktop view

Mobile view

Mobile view